Past Tournaments

For the die-hard fans who want to check out results from years past, here you go!

Club Awards from 2018:
This year everyone filled out a questionaire:
If you could make the perfect polo team & support group from our club members,
Who would be your #1? ....... Trent Passini
Who would be your #2? ....... Orrin Connell

Who would be your #3? ....... Shane Rice
Who would be your #4? ....... Hector Galindo
Who's horses would you ride? ..... Gillian Johnston's
Who would be a good sport to play with? ..... Rob Beckman

Who would be your groom? ..... Angie Miech
Who would referee your game? .....Steve Dalton
Who has improved so much this year that they might make your team for 2019?
..... Stacie Beckman
(tied with Trent for this one, but he's already on the team!)

Club Awards from 2017:
Best Horse - Firefly (DeeDee & Orrin Connell)
smanship Award - Troy Lequerica
Most Fun to Play With or Against - Dan Blackman
Best Groom - Bettina Scherer
Hard Luck - Amanda Burns

Most Improved - Trent Passini

Club Awards from 2015:
Best Made String - Kristine Dalton -thanks to Wayne Garrison!
Best Green String - tie: Richard Dudman / Brendon Whittle
Sportsmanship Award - Jim Ulibarri
Most Fun to Play With - Shane Rice
Best Groom - Rene Jacobson,
"the Silent Swede" from Jan Pamela
Most Improved - Jim Ulibarri

Most Improved, Margarita League - Martha Gose

Club Awards from 2014:
Best Green String - tie: Troy Lequerica / Shane Rice
Best Made String - Kristine Dalton
Best Groom - Rene Jacobson
Most Fun to Play With - Shane Rice
Most Fun to Play Against - Rob Beckman

Most Improved - Bob Brotherton
Best Sportsman - Wayne Garrison
Up-and-Coming Player of the Year - Jim Ulibarri
(honorable mentions to Martha Gose & Stacie Coe)
Most Helpful Club Member - Judy Fuller
(honorable mentions to Perk, Tom & Gus)

Club Awards from 2013:
Best Green String - Brendon Whittle/G-String
Best Made String - Wayne Garrison/Kristine Dalton
Best Groom - tie vote: Angie Miech/ Rene Jacobson
Most Fun on the Field - Miguel Sylvestre
Most Improved - Bob Brotherton
All Around Sportsman - Wayne Garrison

It was a great awards night at the Big Horn Polo Club
in August 2012. . .
Skey Johnston was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Sportsmanship/Horseman Award - Brendon Whittle
Best Mounted - Wayne Garrison
Most fun to play with or against - Tom Gose
Most Improved - Rob Beckman
Best Groom - Angie Miech

Awards from 2011:
Horsemanship Award - Richard Dudman
Best Green Horse String - Marius Hoffman
Most Improved - Amanda Taylor
Best Groom - Timmy Ryan

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