Kurt Luplow Consolation Match
August 14, 2022

10:00 a.m.

Las Madres

Parrot Heads

#1 Chrys Beal
Jessica Keneally  
#2 Anne Andras
  Kaile Roos  
#3 KC Krueger
  Roni Duke  
#4 DeeDee Connell
  Carly Persano  

Umpires: Steve Dalton and Rob Beckman
Las Madres defeated Parrot Heads 7-4.5

Winners: Las Madres

Las Madres: Anne Andras, Chrys Beal, KC Krueger, DeeDee Connell, Terri Luplow Gold

Runners-up: Parrot Heads

Parrot Heads: Roni Duke, Kaile Roos, Carly Persano, Jessica Keneally, with Terri Gold

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