Friday Night Lights sponsored by Grinnell Street Dental
July 29, 2022

5:00 p.m.

Wyo Ag
Got Yer Back
Rancho Mucho Dinero
Stacy Beckman
Jack Bryant
Jessica Keneally
Sarah Scott
Rafal Krewczyk / Alex King
Carly Persano
Jim Ulibarri
Stella Dalton / Wade McCool
Rosemary Musselman
Sergio Villanueva
Steve Dalton
Carter Nix

1st game: Got Yer Back defeated WyoAg 5-1.
2nd game:
Rancho Mucho Dinero defeated Wyo Ag 1-0.
3rd game: Rancho Mucho Dinero defeated Got Yer Back 3-1.
1st place: Rancho Mucho Dinero
2nd place: Got Yer Back
3rd place: WyoAg

Winning Team: Rancho Mucho Dinero

Winners: Carly Persano, Jess Keneally, Rosemary Musselman, Carter Nix

Runner-Up Team: Got Yer Back

Runners-up: Wade McCool, Jack Bryant, Alex King, Stella Dalton, Rafal Krewczyk, Steve Dalton

Runner-Up Team: Wyo Ag

Runners-up: Sergio Villanueva, Sarah Scott, Jim Ulibarri, Stacy Beckman

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