Soft Landings
June 26, 2022

1:00 p.m.

Big Horn Beverage

Sheridan Seed

#1 Chris Lillis
Bob Brotherton  
#2 Katie George
  Tim Murphy  
#3 Carter Nix
  Orrin Connell  
#4 Eugenio Ferrari
  DeeDee Connell  

Umpire: Wesley Bryan
Big Horn Beverage defeated Sheridan Seed 6-2

Winning Team: Big Horn Beverage

Winners: Eugenio Ferrari, Carter Nix, Katie George, Chris Lillis,
with Perk Connell.

Runner-Up Team: Sheridan Seed Co.

Runners-up: Bob Brotherton, Tim Murphy, Orrin Connell, DeeDee Connell
with Perk Connell

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