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The Big Horn Polo Club is excited to have Kim Warren as our head Polo School Instructor and Annie Ahern as our Margarita League Coach this year. In addition to Polo School, Kim will also be available for private or group lessons.
In addition, the Club STRONGLY encourages everyone to become a USPA member. The USPA does so much for our Club and being a member is the best way we can show them that we appreciate all that they do. There are some great benefits to becoming a member of the USPA. Please go to www.uspolo.org to join. It's easy, you can complete the whole process online. Your first year is free.

Polo School / Lessons with Kim Warren kimwarrentx@yahoo.com
Dates: June 15th - September 15
Times: Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Fees: All individuals participating in the Polo School or Lessons will pay a one-time Grounds Fee of $150 to the Big Horn Polo Club. Everyone must pay the $150, whether you take 1 lesson or 20, 1 month of Polo School or 3 months. Kim is in the process of setting up a fee schedule and he will charge individuals per Polo School session or per lesson. He is going to make it affordable for everyone and we will get that information out as soon as possible.
Organization: Kim will be in charge of organizing Tuesday and Saturday Polo School. You will correspond with him regarding your attendance. Kim will also be in charge of his Polo School and Lesson bills. The Big Horn Polo Club will bill you the $150 as soon as you start, and then the rest of the billing will be between the individual and Kim. Private or group lessons can be done at the convenience of Kim and the individual(s) and will just be dependent upon field availability.

Margarita League with Annie Ahern powderriveraaa@icloud.com
Dates: June 15th - September 15th
Times: Wednesday evenings, and Saturdays and/or Sundays.
Fees: Cost to play in the Margarita League is $750. That fee is for the entire Season and also includes your Polo School grounds fee if you choose to participate in Polo School or take private lessons from Kim. We have some spouses that enjoy participating (and we enjoy having them). If they have already paid their BHPC dues, we obviously do not expect them to pay anything else to play in the Margarita League. Everyone paraticipating in the Margarita League is guaranteed 2 chukkers per practice or match game.
Organization: Annie Ahern has kindly agreed to Coach this league. She will either umpire, coach or play depending on the number of players that day. A consistent coach will help the players improve their game and get them ready to eventually participate in regular chukkers. Kristine Dalton will be in charge of making the chukkers and organizing the practice games. You will email or text her if you are playing, and with any questions or concerns you have.

If you 'graduate' from the Polo School to the Margarita League, we will deduct the $150 Grounds Fee from the $750 Margarita League fee.

BHPC Manager Kristine Dalton
email: kristinehardwick@hotmail.com

Come join us for a summer of good polo in an area that has a multitude of things to do and see!

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