Past Tournaments

For the die-hard fans who want to check out results from years past, here you go!
Most recent year - 2016

Club Awards from 2016:
(still looking for a complete list of the 2016 awards)
Sportsmanship Award - Shane Rice
Best String -
Best Green String - Lucio Benedit/Wayne Garrison

Most Fun to Play With or Against - Shane Rice
Best Groom - Julia Bargmann

Most Improved - Jim Ulibarri

Most Improved, Margarita League - Trent Passini

Club Awards from 2015:
Best Made String - Kristine Dalton -thanks to Wayne Garrison!
Best Green String - tie: Richard Dudman / Brendon Whittle
Sportsmanship Award - Jim Ulibarri
Most Fun to Play With - Shane Rice
Best Groom - Rene Jacobson,
"the Silent Swede" from Jan Pamela
Most Improved - Jim Ulibarri

Most Improved, Margarita League - Martha Gose

Club Awards from 2014:
Best Green String - tie: Troy Lequerica / Shane Rice
Best Made String - Kristine Dalton
Best Groom - Rene Jacobson
Most Fun to Play With - Shane Rice
Most Fun to Play Against - Rob Beckman

Most Improved - Bob Brotherton
Best Sportsman - Wayne Garrison
Up-and-Coming Player of the Year - Jim Ulibarri
(honorable mentions to Martha Gose & Stacie Coe)
Most Helpful Club Member - Judy Fuller
(honorable mentions to Perk, Tom & Gus)

Club Awards from 2013:
Best Green String - Brendon Whittle/G-String
Best Made String - Wayne Garrison/Kristine Dalton
Best Groom - tie vote: Angie Miech/ Rene Jacobson
Most Fun on the Field - Miguel Sylvestre
Most Improved - Bob Brotherton
All Around Sportsman - Wayne Garrison

It was a great awards night at the Big Horn Polo Club
in August 2012. . .
Skey Johnston was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Sportsmanship/Horseman Award - Brendon Whittle
Best Mounted - Wayne Garrison
Most fun to play with or against - Tom Gose
Most Improved - Rob Beckman
Best Groom - Angie Miech

Awards from 2011:
Horsemanship Award - Richard Dudman
Best Green Horse String - Marius Hoffman
Most Improved - Amanda Taylor
Best Groom - Timmy Ryan

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