The NYTS consolation game
July 30, 2017

11:30 a.m.


#1 Mackenzie Brewin
Syndey Jrodan /
Avery Evans
#2 Carter Nix
  Tess Pimsner  
#3 Malia Bryan
  Charlie Caldwell  
#4 Harry Caldwell
  Kayden Winterholler  

USPA Red defeated USPA Blue 7-5

Winning Team: USPA Red

Winners: Harry Caldewll, Malia Bryan, Carter Nix, Mackenzie Brewin.

Runner-Up Team: USPA Blue

Runners-up: Kayden Winterholler, Sydney Jordan, Avery Evans, Tess Pimsner, Charlie Caldwell.

NYTS All-Stars

NYTS All-Stars, qualified for Nationals - Hope Arellano, Malia Bryan, Charlie Caldwell,
Harry Caldwell, Quinn Evans, Liam Lott, with Taylor Smith of the USPA.

NYTS competitors

Big Horn Polo Club NYTS Regional Qualifier tournament.

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